Cheap & Good: Delicious chicken by Kemono has kooky branding

Kemono Best Roast Chicken Delivery’s branding can be considered whimsically offbeat. Its mascot is a radioactively yellow rubber chicken; its website features celebrities like Zoe Tay, who is photographed in an elegant evening gown and gripping said rubber chicken; and it has instructions on how to eat its chickens (try meditating beforehand).

There is, however, nothing offbeat about its food.

This online shop offers roast chicken, one-bowl meals, pies and soups that are pleasingly decent.

My rice bowl, the Totally Nutrition Power With Chicken ($11.90), came with a roast chicken leg and a generous portion of organic black, brown and red rice topped with crunchy things like edamame beans, cherry tomatoes, corn and cashew nuts, as well as tofu, lychees and strawberries.

The chicken was tender and flavourful, the rice cooked just right and the crunchy bits gave a nice textural contrast. I also liked the moreish gingery lemongrass sauce I chose for this bowl.

Also, this rice bowl made me feel very virtuous. So virtuous that I ate the skin of the chicken leg. You know, to balance things out.

(The paper box that held the rice bowl was in a rather sorry state when delivered, so I plated the meal in this photo.)

But if today is cheat day, go for the chicken leg with mashed potato, rosti or white rice. The mashed potato tasted pleasantly sinful and came in a pool of gravy whose deliciousness, I’m sure, was boosted by chicken fat.

The rosti, however, was oily and not crusty enough, although 30 seconds in the microwave oven improved its flavour considerably.

A chicken leg with rice costs $9.90. It is $10.90 with mashed potato and $13.90 with rosti, but the set with two chicken legs seems to give much better value – just add $2 for the two-leg set.

It also has halal-certified whole chickens, which are going at a promotional price of $22.90 for cage-free chickens and $27.90 for organic chickens, which are also raised listening to Mozart.

I also liked its Okinawa Stewed Duck Pie ($8.90), with fat chunks of tender duck; and the Salmon Coconut Broth, which tasted like tom yum soup, but without the lip-puckering sourness. The soup is pricey though, at $9.90 for a 400ml bowl.

You can, by the way, also order Kemono’s mascot chicken on its website for $5. See what I mean about it being quirky?

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