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Hi! We are closed but you can still make pre orders! 😊

Opening hours 11am to 10pm.

  • 107. GET ACAI’TED

    (Organic Acai, Lime, Apple, Honey. 300ML)


    Acai – Antioxidant Anthocyanin
    Lime Rejunevates Skin
    Apple – High Fiber
    Honey – Reduce Allergies
    Powerful anti-aging vitamin A to boost cell turnover
    Oxidative stress protection, promoting brain health
    Promotes healthy skin
    High in fiber and heart-healthy fats

    S$9.10 w/GST

    (Manuka Honey, Pineapple, Apple, Lemon. 300ML)


    Manuka – Anti-Inflammatory
    Pineapple – Immunity Booster
    Apple – High Fiber
    Lemon – Digestive
    Wound healing capabilities in tissue regeneration
    Relieves and reduces cough symptoms
    Prebiotic effects
    Acts as a detoxifying agent

    S$9.10 w/GST
  • 109. THE OG ORANGE

    (Orange. 300ML)


    Orange – Vitamin C
    Improves health of our skin, hair and body
    Boost immunity system
    Protects cardiovascular system

    S$8.45 w/GST

    (Celery, Cucumber, Green Apple. 300ML)


    Celery – Anti-Viral
    Cucumber – Hydration
    Green Apple – High Fiber
    Provides moisture to the skin
    Controls body temperature with the cooling effect
    Acts as cleansing agents for a brighter smile and stronger gum

    S$8.45 w/GST
  • 112. FEEL THE BEET

    (Apple, Beetroot, Carrot, Honey. 300ML)


    Apple – High Fiber
    Beetroot – Vitamin B9 & C
    Carrot – Beta Carotene
    Honey – Reduce Allergies
    Helps relieve constipation
    Lower blood pressure
    Improve eye health
    Matural energy booster

    S$8.45 w/GST
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