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1. “FOLLOW” @kemonochicken on¬† Instagram¬†or “LIKE” us on Facebook at¬†
2. Include this rubber chicken  in any photo
3. Post the photo on your Instagram or Facebook with #kemonophoto or email your photo to [email protected]


Points will be awarded to each photo based on the following with a maximum score of 150 points:

  1. Creative Expressions: Use of artistic expressions, drama, humour, wackiness and poetry.  How interesting is the photo: 40 pts
  2. Costumes, Props, stage setup and background: 35 pts
  3. Originality and Uniqueness: 25 pts
  4. Editing and Special Effects: 25 pts
  5. How many kind deeds you have done: 5 pts
  6. Are you generous and nice to other people: 5 pts
  7. How Hot and Sexy you are: 0 pts
  8. How big is your house and how expensive is your car: 0 pts
  9. How many back flips you can do while holding a cup of water without spilling a single drop: 0 pts (On second thought, we think we have to give this 1 pt. Come on guys that is really impressive!) 
  10. Have you ever broken the rules, gone against the norm or been called “Siao” or Crazy: 5 pt
  11. Do you support the underdog, help the less fortunate and continuously make the world a better place: 10 pts (Revised to 9 pts, thanks to the back flip guy)


Zoe Tay
Queen of the celebrities

Singapore’s King (and Queen) of comedy

International fashion photographer and IG superstar



1st Prize: $50,000
2nd Prize: $5,000
3rd Prize: $1,000
4th to 10th Prizes: iPad Pro

Additional 20 prizes of $100 will also be gifted to noteworthy submissions


Winners will be announced in May 2019. 

You may purchase the rubber chicken  at the following:
a) (YES we sell it here!)
b) Leslie Javelle, 40 Sago Street Singapore 059029 or 25 Trengganu Street Singapore 058476
c) Shopee
d) AliExpress
e) Qoo10
f) Amazon
g) Lazada
h) ezBuy

Please email us at [email protected] for any further questions.

Thank you for your support and participation. Have a lot of fun and best of luck to everyone!

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