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After a long day at work, the idea of diving into a bucket of greasy and sinful deep-fried chicken from our favourite fast food chain is exceedingly tempting. However, we usually refrain from succumbing to our desires because we know how sinful and unhealthy fried chicken can be. But what if I told you that there’s a healthier, and more delicious alternative? And the best part? You can have it delivered straight to your door! Kemono is a roast chicken delivery service which prides itself on using the highest quality ingredients. It doesn’t matter when your chicken cravings strike, as Kemono delivers any time between 11am and 12 midnight. Now, you can use the promo code ‘EATCLEAN’ to enjoy free island-wide delivery!

Not only is the food from Halal certified sources, the free-range chickens are raised without the use of growth hormones and antibiotics. To top it all off, Kemono has a strict ‘no fried food’ policy, so you can rest indulge in as much of their scrumptious roast chickens as you want, without feeling a tinge of guilt!

Newly-opened Kemono is currently running a launch promotion for its signature Healthy Roast Chicken ($29.61, U.P. $32.90). When we opened up the attractive and sturdy delivery box, the chicken’s glistening golden-brown skin caught our attention immediately! To achieve this, Kemono uses its own proprietary Japanese-inspired slow roasting technique

As I eagerly pulled out a wing, I was surprised to have met with little resistance — the meat was so tender! The room went quiet as we were greeted by the melodious crackling of the chicken skin. This is truly a roast chicken that’s incredibly different, in a brilliant way of course, from all the other roast chickens that we have encountered. The meat was cooked to absolute perfection. The firm and succulent flesh was deeply fragrant and simply captivating. A bite into the crisp skin releases a thin film of natural oil which coated the meat with extra flavour.

If you’re looking for the best of the best, the Certified Organic Roast Chicken ($35, U.P. $42.90) is just what you’re looking for. As the name suggests, this version uses chickens raised in certified organic farms. In fact, Kemono claims that the farms play classical music for the chickens to lower their stress and anxiety levels! Now, this might not be the only contributing factor, but we could tell that the chicken was less fatty, and slightly more tender. If you’re willing to spend a wee bit more, this version of Kemono’s roast chicken is definitely worth the top-up!

Each order of roast chicken comes with your choice of three sauces, which includes Teriyaki Pineapple sauce, Lemongrass sauce and Japanese Curry sauce. Our favourite was the lemongrass sauce, which really reminded us of Thai curry! The sauce was scented with a blend of spices which added an extra layer of flavour to the already delicious chicken. Kemono has a variety of other sauces that you can add to your order for just $1.80/sauce.

Kemono’s Lemongrass Chicken Wings ($8.90) are a great option if you’re dining alone or in need of a quick snack. This was one of my favourites! The skin carried a lovely aroma of fresh lemongrass which had also adequately permeated into the moist and juicy flesh. Each bite was better than the last and I promise you that you won’t be able to stop at just one wing.

No roast chicken meal is complete without a side of Mashed Potato ($7.90). Kemono’s rendition of classic mashed potatoes was fluffy and creamy, and comes topped with a generous scoop of flavoursome chicken gravy. This warm and comforting side dish will have you reaching for more.

Kemono’s Tomato Soup ($7.90) and Mushroom Soup ($9.90) are made with fresh ingredients and do not contain any milk or cream. The tomato soup is made with a blend of tomatoes, onions and celery. This nutritious concoction isn’t just good for you, but it tastes awesome as well! The soup had a refreshing sour tang and a hint of sweetness from the tomatoes. The mushroom soup, on the other hand, contains potatoes to give the soup more body. The absence of cream really allowed us to taste the earthy flavours of the mushrooms.

While enjoying your protein-filled meal, don’t forget to eat your greens! Kemono’s got you covered with a selection of vibrant and appetising salads. The Japanese Cucumber Salad ($7.90) features cucumbers and tomatoes that are tossed in a citrusy yuzu dressing. This salad is a great choice for those who would like a crunchy and refreshing starter. For those with a sweet tooth, the Spinach Salad ($7.90), which is filled with sweet lychees, strawberries and raisins, is made for you.

Kemono even prepares and delivers its own pastries and pies! Pie-lovers will love their Baked Chicken Mushroom Pie ($8.90), which sees a creamy chicken and mushroom filling encased in a shortcrust pastry. The pie had the perfect pastry-to-filling ratio, so you can expect every bite to hold the right balance of buttery and crumbly pastry, and savoury and meaty chicken and mushroom. The pastry also had just the optimal thickness, so the pie doesn’t fall apart when it is cut into. For those who prefer more familiar and local flavours, go for Kemono’s Baked Chicken Curry Pie ($8.90). The pie contains chunks of chicken and potato that have been mixed in a spicy curry paste.

I was surprised to find out that Kemono also serves French artisanal pastry! For $8.90, you can get two pieces of their buttery and flaky Garlic Croissant which is stuffed generously with garlic. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like a good garlic bread, and if you love these charmers, you can’t miss Kemono’s croissants.

Whether you’re organising a party, or just in the mood for a quick and healthy meal, Kemono has a dish for everyone. Delicious and healthy, how much better can it get? To make an order, go to the and remember to use promo code ‘EATCLEAN’ for free delivery!

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