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Team Tam Chiak decided to find out who has the best pie in Singapore so we conducted a blind taste test! Our opinions and scores for each pie were recorded. We graded the pies based on appearance, taste, and texture of the crust. Read on to find out where to get the best pie in Singapore!


Known for its healthy and delectable Japanese roasted chicken (and iconic rubber chicken), Kemono also offers Japanese bento sets, healthy salads and unique pies! One thing that I’ve always loved about Kemono is that it offers islandwide delivery till 12 midnight daily. So whenever I crave good quality savoury meals for supper, I go to Kemono! Every order is freshly prepared and delivered as soon as possible.

This blind taste test gave me the opportunity to try Kemono’s pies. Each pie was filled generously with ingredients, and we were seriously surprised by how much ingredients were packed into the pies.

The Baked Chicken Mushroom Pie ($8.90) had an even ratio of chicken chunks and mushrooms. Each bite promises a good mixture of both ingredients! The creamy sauce took this pie up a notch. The creaminess complemented the natural sweetness of the chicken chunks, and earthiness of the mushrooms.

My favourite of ALL the pies we’ve tasted is the Hokkaido Truffle Prawn and Scallop Pie ($10.90). As a seafood-lover, I was impressed by the sizeable wholesome scallop and there were at least 3 firm prawns buried within the pie. Last but not least, the truffle aroma lingered after each bite and accentuated the natural flavours of the seafood. And if you do not yet know, the combination of truffle oil and seafood is a match made in heaven!

On the very first bite, someone from Team Tam Chiak exclaimed: “WAH, this is good eh.” The Wagyu Beef Shabu Shabu Pie ($9.90) was sweet, rich, savory and just oh so good!


Group Therapy has been around for years, and they serve a mean pie. Their Black Truffle Chicken Pie ($18) caused an uproar in the office! (Note that Black Truffle Chicken Pie is only available at the Duxton outlet.) Initially, we were impressed by its appearance since it came with crinkle-cut chips and salad. Now, that’s a complete meal. Some of us thought that both the buttery crust and smoked chicken were a tad tough. But some fell in love with the pie because of the addictive and aromatic truffle cream. However, after knowing that it costs $18, we weren’t so sure if we were in love anymore.


Previously known as Delicious Muffins, Oven Marvel was rebranded to be more focused on chicken pies and curry puffs. Oven Marvel’s Chicken Pie ($4) looked flat and the paper bag that it was sitting in was drenched in oil. That’s not a good look for sure. However, the taste of the pie swept us off our feet! The crust was buttery and fragrant while the inner layers have sufficiently soaked up the peppery gravy. Sweet peas, tender chicken thighs and a peppery homemade béchamel sauce rest in the pie. We know that if we had it the very second it came out of the oven, we would fall head over heels in love with it.

Don Pie

Don Pie has come a long way. A bank officer took a loan to kick-start his first bakery in 2000 and Donpie Club was born. Don Pie’s pies are baked fresh daily and its Signature Chicken Pie ($7.50) is filled with juicy chicken and potato cubes. Slicing into the pie reveals a hard-boiled egg right in the centre. We would have enjoyed the pie more if there were more flaky layers. They were certainly generous with the filling!


Polar Puffs & Cakes’ classic Chicken Pie ($2.40) can be expected to be decent at the very least. Indeed, the crust was flaky and its taste was familiar and comforting. It’s not a pie that’s going to blow your mind, but it’s good enough for a mid day snack of breakfast for sure.


In 1996, Dennis ceased his electronic business to go to New Zealand to become a professional baker of country-style pies. His business partner, Kenneth, manages the daily operations of Cottage Pies Café. Onion-lovers will fancy the Black Pepper Steak Pie ($5.50) since the sweetness of onions was very pronounced. The Chicken Ham & Egg Pie ($5.10) did not garner any praise or complaints., I have to give Cottage Pies Café credit for the crispy and addictive pie crust. It reminded me of those long oval sugary Japanese biscuits sold in neighbourhood bakeries.


Located in Sunset Way, Balmoral Bakery is one of the few traditional bakeries left in Singapore. Team Tam Chiak felt that both the filling of the Beef Pie ($2.80) and Chicken Pie ($1.60) were slightly on the dry side. The pies tasted more like buns actually. The crust was really fragrant though.

Team Tam Chiak’s Top Pick: Kemono
The majority of us voted Kemono’s pies to be the best. I can totally understand why. The pies are creative, value-for-money, and scrumptious. All of the pies were so substantial that each pie was more like a dish on its own, than a snack. ‘真材实料’ will be a good summary of Kemono’s pies. You can be assured that no msg was added to any of their pies. They even have a Gluten Free Veggie Pie! Do try their other pies such as Okinawa Stewed Duck Pie, Baked Beef & Cheese Pie and Baked Chicken Curry Pie as well!

Of course, taste is very subjective. Let us know what you think of the pies listed above, and also share with us your favourite pies!


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