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Voted best roast chicken in Singapore by consumers!

The concept of healthy, natural eating as a way of life has always been the heart of Japanese Cuisine. Kemono presents a truly one of a kind best roast chicken recipe originating from the land of the rising sun. This recipe that dates back to the Meiji era, a time of transition and revolution, a perfect time for food. A traditional cooking secret handed down from generations, this recipe was known only by a few traditional Japanese households until now and has been regarded as one of the best roast chicken in the country. It is our passion and inspiration to share this wonderful cooking with the rest of the world. No need for guilty pleasures, indulge in the best roast chicken that represents prosperous health and life.


Roasting chicken was a known technique that was present during Meiji Era, Japan.

But what made this the best roast chicken was the juicy meat and crispy skin combination producing an extremely delicious result. Even today, modern roast chicken is processed in a rotisserie.


Our best roast chicken technique does not use a rotisserie, defying modern cooking conventions. Best roast chicken with a difference! Crispy skin instead of traditional soft roast skin Chicken retains and cooks in its natural juices, locking in its flavour and tenderness.

Why this is the best roast chicken

High quality ingredients is winning half the battle for the best roast chicken.

The chicken we use is raised on CERTIFIED ORGANIC farms.

Advanced farming technology allows the chickens to be bred without the use of antibiotics and growth hormones.

Raised in a temperature-controlled, hygienic space to roam freely with no cages creates a conducive environment for their natural growth, leading to reduced stress and anxiety in the chickens.

MUSIC works its magic on the chickens. Playing the melodies of Mozart has shown a significant impact, lowering stress and anxiety levels.

Their diet includes probiotics, a specially cultivated strain of Lactobacillus, a friendly bacteria meant to combat harmful bacteria. This enhances their immune systems in a natural way.

They are reared under the strict supervision of a select group of qualified professionals.

All this care, consideration and effort has nurtured chicken with reportedly less fat and reduced cholesterol levels which is tastier and healthier, perfect for creating the best roast chicken possible.


– Cage free

– Certified Organic farmed

– Fed with Probiotics

– Less Fat and Cholesterol

– Mozart Listening

– Farmed without Antibiotics and Growth Hormones

– Cooked with No MSG

Be good to yourself because you deserve better, enjoy guilt free delicious natural goodness with the brand that consumers voted the best roast chicken in Singapore!

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